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Applicators & Adhesives

SOLO GLUE RITER® is a simple plastic squeeze bottle with fast setting MATHESIVE, a water based adhesive for many gluing jobs.

MATHESIVE 101 & 202 are acid-free water based adhesive that are great for:

  • Gluing matboard to matboard,
  • Gluing paper to paper
  • Gluing dust covers onto wood,
  • Gluing wood- to-wood
  • Gluing paper to styrene and most paper to paper gluing jobs.

Its viscosity was created specifically for use with the SOLO GLUE RITER®.
Available in quarts, gallons, & 5-gallon pails.  For 55-gallon drum pricing please call us at 800-242-7318 or E-Mail us.

"I use these SOLO GLUE RITERS all the time... good product!
John Mugas
Ralph & Johns
Depew, NY