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Duplexing System for Gluing Paper Sheets

$ 2,470.00

This system is designed to glue sheets of paper together and is commonly used to create double and triple thick business cards and for pasting of invitation papers.  It includes our 14" Captain B gluer (110 volts), a gallon of our lay-flat GF 878P water based adhesive, our Alignment Board with adjustable magnetized corner brackets, a manual press to smooth the glued sheets, and a weighted board.  Great for creating multiple-sheet invitations. Good for paper up to 13" wide and 14 point.  If in doubt send us samples of your paper for testing.

“Gluefast has been very helpful for our business. Adding cold glue to our arsenal increased our quality and productivity on a variety of paper products. We no longer have to worry about adhesion whenever we use the Gluefast Duplexing system. 
Leiman Chan
Nonstop Printing, Los Angeles, CA”

This item has a 2 day lead time.

Larger systems available for thicker and/or wider paper stock. 
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