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Nozzles for Glue Guns Price

$ 8.40

There are 3 different nozzles available for each of our Our Hot Melt Glue Guns. See the descriptions below and choose the nozzles that are right for the job you need to do.

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  • HMG-NAD is an adapter needed for HMG-N1 & HMG-ND nozzles
  • HMG-N1 nozzle applies 5 thin stripes of adhesive 1/8" apart-for use with our Heavy Duty Glue Gun (HMG-HD3 and discontinued model HMG-HD2) only
  • HMG-ND has a larger opening to apply a larger drop of adhesive
  • HMG-NH is the standard nozzle for the Heavy Duty Glue Gun
  • HMG-HI is the standard nozzle for the Industrial Glue Gun
  • HMG-NS62 is a "T" nozzle with 2 holes placed 2" apart
  • HMG-NS55 is a "T" nozzle with 18 holes covering 2" of gluing

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