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Solo Glue Riter


SOLO GLUE RITER® with 10 ounces adhesive

$ 56.95

A simple glue bottle (plastic squeeze bottle) with fast setting MATHESIVE, a water based adhesive for many gluing jobs.

It is the first glue bottle with precision control.

Applies a dot or line of adhesive the size of the applicator.

Replaces double sided tape for many jobs at a fraction of the cost!

There's no daily cleanup!

SOLO GLUE RITER® is ready when you are.

Bottle is refillable with MATHESIVE.

This bottle comes with 10 oz. of MATHESIVE. We have two MATHESIVE formulas: MATHESIVE 101B for gluing matboard, dust covers to wood, and wood-to-wood. MATHESIVE 202U for all of the above plus for gluing dust covers to ABS (styrene) frames.

Available in two applicator sizes:

  • 1/2" wide applicator with MATHESIVE 101B GRB/10-101B
  • 1/2" wide applicator with MATHESIVE 202U GRB/10-202U
  • 1/8" wide applicator with MATHESIVE 101B GRB/10/8-101B
  • 1/8" wide applicator with MATHESIVE 202U GRB/10/8-202U


"We love the Glue Riter."

Ken Smith
Wall-Y World Gallery
Ormond Beach, FL

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