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Acrylic Coatings - With or Without Texture

We feature two types of water based acrylic coatings for wall art:

Our CV series of coatings are low viscosity free-flowing acrylics that can be rolled or sprayed onto finished artwork to enhance and protect the finish.  Available in matte or glossy.  

Our CR coatings are hi viscosity texture gel coatings.  Application is by roller, paint brush, putty knife or other artist's tool.  The roller application makes it look hand painted with a 3-dimensional appearance! CR coatings are available in matte, satin, semi-gloss, or gloss finish.

A CR-Kit is available with samples of matte, semi-gloss & gloss finish.

You can expect coverage of about 512 square feet per gallon with our CV coatings and 256 square feet per gallon with CR coatings.

Available in quarts, gallons, & 5-gallon pails.  For 55-gallon drum pricing please call us at 800-242-7318 or E-Mail us.