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CR 465/473/535/565/665/673 Texture Coating 1 Gallon

$ 84.00

CR 465/473/535/565/665/673 Texture Coating  1 Gallon

Now you can make your prints look like an artist painted them with Gluefast's Craquelure (CR) gel coating. CR is a new liquid acrylic coating that when applied to the surface of a print makes it appear as if the paint were actually on the canvas, giving it a 3-dimensional appearance! CR coatings are available in matte, satin, semi-gloss & gloss finish.

Be creative... coat the print with the matte formula and use the glossy formula to highlight certain areas!

Choose from:

  • Matte (standard formula (CR 465) with extra scratch resistance, and adhesion or  (CR 473) with no tackiness at room temperature)
  • Satin finish with with superior scratch resistance, and adhesion 
  • Semi-Gloss (standard formula CR 565) with superior scratch resistance, clarity and adhesion
  • Hi-Gloss with ultra-clear finish with superior scratch resistance, clarity and adhesion(standard formula (CR 665) or superior scratch resistance (CR 673) with no tackiness at room temperature and exceptional clarity

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